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by Boagrius

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released October 22, 2017

engineered & mixed by a dangerously spicy Pepper (Peter DeBarros)
mastered by the infamous Chuck Z of Kennedy Studios llc.
artwork: self-portrait by Sussudio


all rights reserved



Boagrius Burlington, Massachusetts

Just a few guys trying to be better than arcade fire

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Track Name: Vertigo
oh no my vertigo is just now getting to me
it's never slow for the great and the bold, i saw it in a movie
my anxiety usually doesn't show, but it's just now kickin' it
and if you think that your cracks don't show it's a sad situation

if I seem out of season, without reason, I'll tell you--
all the things I've been showin'
how they're creepin' through.

she's a picture of sanity, she's gathering dust
poisoned by vanity to the knife that you trust
so what would you say if I took that little birdie away,
would you want me to?

no show you won't grow old at the recreation center
hog ties, antiquated lies--that no one will remember
Track Name: Up Here Next To Me
if you're feelin' so close to me, this million miles away from me
let me highlight the in-between

fell down
held up
flying machines right up here next to me

if you're feelin so near to me, dear to me
my egotistical jumping beans
I'll tell you what it will come to

then you see it, it comes through
coming down the pipeline and right to you
sea of green sky of blue
in the pipeline right time and you might find
Track Name: Dam
oh you couldn't dam that river
since you can remember, never let it show
might float down with her
or dam yourself you may never know

oh you couldn't dam that river
carried on your shoulder, through December snow
might sleep through winter
or dam yourself you may never know
Track Name: Races
wakin' dream with my head down
people screamin' words I heard when I was 6 years old
then a buzzer shouts and shakes my head got me wishin' I was dead
I wonder why I sleep when I could live my life instead

we're hungry feed us more
make sure you play it loud now and leave it on the dance floor
we're drinkin' 'til we're sore

not enough hours in the day (such a shame)
and taking half of ours is too much anyway
you can stay up late you can contemplate you can wash your sins away
but tomorrow we're back to the races and places where I'll stay

that's not to say I don't love every day
but to think i'll someday die, could this all be a waste?
what will I leave behind 'cause after all this time
you can't take it back once you cross the finish line

how many times have I cried out I'm done
only to come back again next time
next time will be the last I'm signing off
I'm dropping out for good
Track Name: Shoot, Shoot
so robotic, mellotronic watch him glow and it's high time
is this ironic? this cure-all tonic always seemed such a lifeline

doens't matter if you're aiming at me or right through (shoot, shoot)
such a mean old man before you know, it's you
it's nothing new so when you shoot think of me (shoot, shoot)
such a mean old man before you know it--

so that's the message that I receive
some people don't know and just pretend
skyscrapin' and lunar landing
not quite the message I wanna send

oh I can feel it
the bullet wounds leave no debris
I'll live with the memory forever
this is the way you left me

and some days it feels like a waste of time
it's pointless to scream
oh but remember we can control the things we say
but not what we mean

and if I can feel it
I'll take it to the Nth degree
then tape my eyelids
now I don't wanna see
Track Name: Doorbell
granite eyes can't speak but they're calling me out for granted
no doubt you can't see how fast my head is spinning
was that a gunshot or the doorbell ringing?

that's what I need to get jerked around on such a short leash
could you hold my brain for a minute, man?
just what I need another empty promise of safety
seems like you've got the upper hand

one wrong word can hold me and break my bones
put me out for the day
one day I'll move to a cabin in the woods all alone
there I will stay

replace my own feet 'cause they're old and weak
and man, do these high heels hurt
sold 'em for free to the first man on the street
think he got his money's worth?

these brand new legs can jump so high
I can see the curvature of the Earth
Track Name: Glow
ask how to find it, but you already know
you may have past it walking, skipping stones
away we go, the third door glow
I'm the king of a country of wire and bone

a cheap stop-motion lady in the woods alone
panic ramps up so quickly when the teeth show
away I go always wanna stay, but I gotta go
back to my country and her cities of gold

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