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The Chocolate Milk Man

by Boagrius

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"From blistering punk beats to fuzzy, psychedelic funk-rock, this young trio is crafting some seriously catchy songs" -Sound of Boston


released February 11, 2016

Recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered by Peter DeBarros at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, MA.
Clay model created by Tom Feller.
Photo taken by Sara Valley.

Boag or die.



all rights reserved


Boagrius Burlington, Massachusetts

"The Chocolate Milk Man" is our latest and greatest. Check it out here, then beg us to play your child's birthday party...we will consider it...

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Track Name: Officer Dick
Nothing to see, so turn a blind eye again and again. Pick who you want to be, then blind yourself with your paper and pen. That's what I like to see. Spend it all on me. Spreads like a stain. Lock your door, start your car and drive you all insane.

White lies, tip hat.
Nice day, then I crack!
Ain't black or white like your picket fence paint. You like it like that, so that's how it stays. You don't make shit as a martyr or saint, so keep it that way and never make a change.

Gonna put you down. Sit down listen to me, man, take a stand, get on the ground. Empy your pockets, man, or i'll put you down. Sit down listen to me man!
Track Name: Chocolate Milk Man
Sweats and pneumonia had my fill. Hammer and chisel, pneumatic drill. Pull it out, now. No more nights of blood and fire. Pulling the pin, your every desire. Figure it out, right now.

Hey man, gotta figure it out now. If you don't, no one will.
I'm the milk man. Bring it all across town now. Never an ounce was spilled.

So estranged, dollar bill. Pocket change and a happy pill. I want it all right now. I'm so pretty, I'm so cool. Just so pretty, so beautiful. All pinned up and cut down.
Track Name: Li'l Albert
Hey, I don't wanna sit on the shelf. Today, pick someone else. Lost at home, soft as stone like bones at the bottom of the well. So call it what you want. HooWAH!

Racing for the nice, quiet home. So pick each other's locks if you choose. This I know, it takes a glass house or two, but you learn how to throw a stone.

Down to the stone. Ask the dirt to play. 'Cause I'm free to, and I need to trip away. Find a better place to stay. Yeah, for a lifetime or two.

I see my eyes on someone else. Who it is, can you tell? If I'm so at home, won't you throw me a bone to the bottom of the well? Then call me what you want!
Track Name: Legend of the Man Boagrius
Told me to hit the ignition, man. I'm sorry but I'm not sold. Time's always creeping up, but it never takes hold. So I look to the start again. It says I'm fat and ugly and old. Never let it in. Always let it in and let it take hold.

Half a man, half a mess. Stand down and confess.

Do you remember crawling around the bathroom? Fall in the tub, stand up, and shake it off. Who was the tough guy in the mirror, and why was he causing a scene?

Sit down! stand up! Fall out! Pass out, serene, it comes in a cup, but I paid my fee. I'm all chewing gum and buckled knees. I want a drop-dead hunny and a chicken supreme. I dont want a dope-head love-sucker, not for me. I wanna spend all my money. I ain't cheap 'cause I'm free.

I don't know what I want to buy you, but I know that it costs too much. I'm walking right by you, so what?! Man thought he knew everything. He thought that he could run the show, but its made up scene by scene. That's what he couldnt know.
Track Name: Hand in the Jar
Wander every day until the time runs out. Is it a bit too late to get started now? Jack, quit jumping around and get back to school. Candlesticks and deficits will fill your mind for you.

Did you see me crying? It seems like I'm never getting out. If you feel just the same, then don't let it get you down and keep you around.

I let it get away, but I miss it now. A little false hope and I'm holding out. Oh no, don't let it get you down, push you in the dirt, and drag you around.

Hold it off until another day. Gather in rust until the razor breaks. Such a good boy, you didn't make a sound. What a good girl, losing twenty pounds.